2006, Xunyu Group was established, fumed silica project started.

2008, the construction of water treatment chemicals project started in March. 6 months later, construction finished and first batch qualified product came out. Annual Capacity of drum drying PAC was 5,000 tons.

2009, test labs was set up, so were the complete quality control system. Launched the spray dried PAC producing line and the annual capacity reached 10,000 tons/year.

2010, In March, become the member of Henan Water Treatment Standardization Technical Committee.

2011, April, launched the project of PFS producing line, designed annual capacity is 50,000 Mt. October, the first qualified batch of PFS came out. In October, R&D Department had been on of the Zhengzhou Technology Water Treatment Research Centers.

2012, Cooperated with Zhengzhou University developing the PAM product successfully developed.

2013, new factory facility and PAM project construction began.

2014, new warehouse, workshop construction completed. The total annual capacity reaches 180,000 Mt of solid products(50,000Mt PAC, 100,000Mt PFS and 30,000Mt PAM).

2016, International Trade department founded, start international marketing.