Polyferric Sulfate – PFS

Polyferric sulfate(PFS) is a polyhydroxy, combination of multi-core, cationic polymeric inorganic flocculant. It can be quickly mixed with water at any ratio. The solution contains large amount of ferric iron and ferrous iron like (Fe2(OH)3)3+, (Fe3(OH)6)3+, (Fe8(OH)28)4+, which has larger molecular weight than other inorganic coagulant.

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PFS Feathures

  1. The purify function is unaffected by temperature fluctuations, and it can be used in different climate zone
  2. It overcomes the common problem of water treated by other flocculant iron salts – highly corrosive and high chroma.
  3. The dosage is lower and it reduces the over all water treatment cost.

PFS Applications

  1. Drinking water treatment
  2. Waste water and industrial waste water treatment
  3. Coal washing water treatment, and any water with high content of COD
  4. It is safe and non-toxic and proved by tests
Specification of PFS
ItemGuarantee ValueTypical Value
Entire iron (mass fraction) %≥1920.65
Reducing material (count by Fe2+) %≤0.10.05
Basicity %8 -1612.6
Water insoluble %≤0.50.26
PH value (1% water solution)2-32.5
AppearanceYellow or bronzing solid

Quality Standard: GB14591-2006
Package: 25KG/Bag