DA 40 SERIES is PolyDADMAC with 40% solid content. It is a liquid cationic polyelectrolyte of different viscosity (molecular weight), with a high charge density. The charge density makes it well suited for flocculation. It is widely used in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, textiles, cosmetics, mining (coal, gold, diamonds, etc.), paper-making, soil treatment, the oil industry, etc. It is food grade.


• For water treatment, suggested using it mixed compatible with Poly Aluminium Chloride for water treatment of turbid river and tap water, etc.
• When used alone, it should be diluted to the concentration of 0.5%-5%( based on solid content).
• The dosage is based on the turbidity and the concentration of the different sources of water. The most economical dosage is based on the trial. The dosing spot and the mixing velocity should be carefully decided to guarantee that the chemical can be mixed evenly with the other chemicals in the water and the flocs cannot be broken.


CHEMICAL NAME:Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride
(Shortened PolyDADMAC or PDADMAC)
CAS NO.:26062-79-3
  • Liquid form makes it is easy to use.
  • It can be used alone or in combination with inorganic coagulants, such as Poly Aluminum Chloride.
  • Nontoxic of suggested dosage, economical and effective at low levels.
  • Can eliminate the use of alum & further ferric salts when used as primary coagulants.
  • Reduction in sludge of dewatering process system
  • It is adaptable to wide range of pH value, between 0.5 and 14.
  • Drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment
  • Textiles color fixing agent
  • Color removal
  • Sugar application
  • Mining (coal, gold, diamonds etc.)
  • Paper-making
  • Oil industry
  • Sludge dewatering


200L plastic drum or 1000L IBC drum.


Should be stored in original containers in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet, Label, and MSDS for more details and shelf life.


ProductsAppearanceSolid contentpHSpecific Gravity at 25°CRelative Molecular WeightBrookfield Viscosity (25°C,cps)
DA 401Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Low200-500
DA 402Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Medium500-1000
DA 403Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Medium1000-3000
DA 404Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10High3000-5000
DA 405Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10High5000-8000
DA 406Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Very High8000-12000
DA 407Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Very High12000-15000
DA 408Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid39.0-41.0%3.0-7.01.01-1.10Very High>15000